Nefton Exports Industries : Copper Division

About Nefton Copper DIVISION

Nefton Exports Industries, an ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company is in the business of creating quality products. We manufacture and export to service our wide range of therapeutic items, such as Medical Gas Pipeline Accessories, Ward Vaccum Units, Ward Suction Trolley, Semi Automatic & Fully Automatic Control Panel, Gas Outlet Point, Bedhead Panel, Gas Manifold System, Laryngoscope, various type of Medical Regulators & Flowmeters Eg. Oxygen MOX Regulator, Double Stage Oxygen & Nitrous Oxide Regulator, Carbon Di-Oxide Regulator, Air Regulator, F.A. Valve With Flowmeter, BPC Flowmeter, Humidifier Bottle etc.

We  also deals in  Bronze Fittings, Brass anchors, Brass pipe brackets, Brass washers, Brass Pipe clamps, Brass neutral links, Brass hex nuts DIn 934 hex nuts Brass.

Copper Pipes